Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello! (Week 54)

Hey all!

It was a good week here on my end. Rainy and cold but very good. We have two people progressing which is really great. A young girl named Ayssa and a man called Lucas. They both went to church yesterday and liked it a lot.

I am doing well - I have been focusing on improving my teaching and my reasons for doing what I do as a missionary. You really have a lot more happiness as you focus on why it is important to do what you are doing. Elder SipiĆ£o is a great missionary and I am so grateful to be with him. He is a superb friend.

No news about transfers within the mission or to another mission. I could be transfered tomorrow or no. We´ll just have to see. As far as other changes in the mission, I know nothing.  We´ll just keep going with faith and I know that it all will work out!

I hope everyone that is serving or will serve a mission soon is excited and doing well! I know that this is the Lord´s work and that He will bless us as we do what is right. I hope and pray that everyone is doing what is right and being happy.

I love you all!
Elder Jacob

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