Monday, June 10, 2013

"It's not that. It's his excessive consumption of mushrooms!" (Week 55)

Hey family!

It was a great week this week. Sorry about the delay in the email - We went to the office today to get mail, my package and copies of the Book of Mormon (Book of Mormons? :) )  and just got back to the area today.  By the way, I was transferred last week to Ramo Nacional in Contagem - it is pretty close to where I was in Riacho! I am finishing up training Elder Souto from Maceio Lagoas and it has been really great so far.  Honestly, I feel like I am starting my mission over again - I am excited and really wanting to work hard.  Time is flying and I have really got to keep doing what is right because man, the gospel is true.  

Ayssa was baptized - I found out today at the office! I was sad to leave Elder Sipião and Tres Coraçoes.  That will always be an area of the mission that I will love.  I am so grateful to be serving a mission - I have a ton to improve but I really am happy.  It is interesting because in my area right now we have another dupla of missionaries serving in the same branch, something that hasn´t happened to me yet.  I was pretty isolated in Tres Coracoes with just Elder Sipião and the Zone Leaders via telephone for months.  So it is a good change in that respect.  

Guys, I know that this church is true.  Yesterday, we taught a lady that is Espirita.  It is a religion that is interesting mix of christianity and apparently buddhism because they believe in reincarnation...anyway...we were talking to her a ton about the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she was just kinda saying, `Yeah, well, I believe it is this way...` I had a really strong spiritual impression to bear my testimony to her and I said that I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth.  I told her that we didn´t just represent another idea or theory about God or life but we represent the heavenly truth given to man through his authorized servants, the prophets.  I told her that there can only be one truth, because there is only one God and I told her that I knew that what we had taught her about the Plan of Salvation was the truth.  I was so grateful in that moment to be able to rely on the Spirit and to tell her completely honestly what I knew to be true.  I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers, prophets, leaders and friends that have strengthened this testimony of mine through the years.  I thought of all of you when I was talking to her yesterday and I was grateful to have been influenced and supported to the point where I can say that I know the gospel is true.

Keep doing what is right! Keep reading the Ensign because man, it is great! Hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Love you!
Elder Jacob

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