Monday, April 15, 2013

You've Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray.. HOORAY! (Week 47)

Hello My family! I just say....I love you! Gotta let a little Stevie Wonder into your life.

First of all, your email was a blessing! Thank you so much! I love you all! We had a really wonderful week this week, thanks for asking. We worked hard and played hard also.

Most importantly, we had the baptism of Fluvia on Saturday and she was confirmed yesterday. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and she, without being invited, stood up and bore her short sweet little testimony and everyone really liked it. We are excited to keep working with her this week and help her make the full transition into the church. Bruno and Salomão were confirmed yesterday also and are excited to start going to Seminary and the activities with the young men. The members here in the branch are the creme of the crop - they are such examples to me and I am so grateful for them. Man, it is a blessing to be on a mission. I really am happy. :)

Saturday was Elder Sipião´s birthday. I got up early and put a bunch of posters with birthday messages around our apartment, gave him a tie and a letter and made him breakfast in bed. Gotta keep the Jacob birthday tradition of breakfast in bed alive! He thought it was different, but I know he liked it. I haven´t gotten the birthday package yet but it´s all good - when I get it, it will be my birthday again! Haha. Today Elder Sipião said he was going to make me a Brazilian dessert I really like here. I think I´ll get some extra pão de queijo also. But the best birthday gift was emailing you guys! Thank you so much for your great email - that really made me smile.

We are working with Dona Aparecida for baptism this Sunday and we have a goal to really find a lot more people. It is really really great to serve a mission - I honestly love it. You gotta have fun you know - you gotta believe that it is fun to knock on doors because you never know what will happen. You gotta believe that people will listen and let the Spirit touch them. You just gotta believe and then it is great!

One funny thing that happened, we were walking on the street and I stopped to talk to a woman that was coming towards us. She seemed interested but then, apparently, she realized who we were and threw up her hands and said, `ewwewew!` as if we had leprosy or something and walked away. I had to laugh and I honestly hope she finds the gospel someday soon.

We were practicing the 1st lesson today and I was practicing the part about the 1st Vision. I felt the Spirit testify that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. I am grateful that Heavenly Father is good enough to always confirm the things that are true to us, even after we receive a witness of them. I know, because of the Spirit, that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I am so grateful to be part of the true church. It brings me great happiness!

Can´t believe I am twenty. It is weird - I am old. But that´s alright I guess! Just gotta keep going! Like Bro. Wardrop says - today is the best day of my life! And it is just going to get better. Have a great day you all, you all deserve it!
Elder Jacob

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