Monday, April 29, 2013

If I Were A Rich Man‏ (Week 49)

Good morning family!

Wow! It was great to get your email today! Thank you so much for the wonderful news and exciting stories! I am so grateful that you are all well and happy!

I am doing well here too! We were really blessed yesterday with the baptism of Leonor Aparecida. She is a older lady who lives basically alone and she´s a neighbor of a member. She was really worried about not understanding everything about the gospel before her baptism so she wanted to wait to be baptized until she understood everything. With the help of some of the amazing Relief Society sisters here in the branch, we were able to help her understand that she didn´t have to understand everything, she just needed to understand the importance of baptism and living the commandments. Once she understood that more clearly, she accepted to be baptized. But she was really worried about the water being cold. She´s older and has had a cold for a while. (The chapel here doesn´t have a water heater and it´s starting to be winter here in Brazil so the water isn´t exactly warm.) We invited her to be baptized anyway and to have faith that the Lord would provide. She went to church and entered the waters of baptism and was baptized. Afterward, she said that she didn´t feel cold when she was baptized and she was so happy and bright after she was baptized that I really was taken aback. I know that the Lord wanted her to be baptized and He helped all of us overcome all the difficulties to make it so she could receive that blessing yesterday. It was a wonderful day for all of us.

I am still here in Três Corações and loving it. The branch is wonderful and we are really excited to work this week and find new people to teach and baptize. I don´t know how much longer I will be here but it really doesn´t matter because I am happy and it is great to be here serving. Elder Sipião and I gave talks in church yesterday and it went well. I am really grateful for the Spirit - when you are teaching or explaining a gospel principle and suddenly you feel the Spirit touching your heart and teaching other people, that is the best feeling. I am grateful for my merciful Heavenly Father and all that He gives to me.

I don´t know anything about the Mother´s Day Call. I think this week I will learn more because we are going to have a Zone Meeting on Thursday.
I read Mormon 9 today and I really want to understand that chapter better. I really want to improve and increase my faith so that I can be a better servant and missionary. I know that faith is what we need to see miracles and the promise in Mormon 9 about asking in faith, doubting nothing, in the name of Christ is real. I know that God lives and loves us all.

Keep the faith! It will all work out!

Elder Jacob

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