Monday, January 28, 2013

I believe I can fly! Just a little R. Kelly for ya‏ (Week 36)

Hey Fam!

It was a good week this week. The family who were baptized last week were confirmed yesterday. The best thing about this week was that Igor was baptized. Igor is a young man who is the cousin of a member less active. We talked to him and he told us that he wanted to be baptized and stop listening to bad music. He is really an elect - he read every passage of the Book of Mormon we asked him to and understood really well what was going on. He practically recited the First Vision to us perfectly when we asked him what he remembered. His parents, unfortunately aren´t interested right now, but they are very supportive and went to the baptism. I am sure that he will be an example to his family and one day they will all be part of the gospel of Christ together. I think this will be one of the themes of my mission - families united in the gospel. Every single day I realize more and more how the one thing that I want more than anything is to have my family happy and united in the gospel. That is the greatest dream and blessing anyone could have. The District President spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and he said something interesting. He spoke about how in heaven, there won´t be jobs, , there won´t be many of the things that bring stress and concern in this life. What there will be is family, eternal family. We´ve got to prove that we are worthy to have an eternal family in this life because that is all that we will have in the next.

Like the Proclamation of the Family says Happiness in the home is most likely achieved when based on the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s all about family yáll. And I am so grateful everyday for my family. Extended, immediate, distant or close, blood relative or family friend, you all are my inspiration and example. Thank you for helping me keep going when times are tough. Keep the faith and be happy. Love you all!
Elder Jacob

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