Monday, January 21, 2013

The Weekly Pão de Queijo‏ (Week 35)

Hello my family!

Well it was a great week this week - very adventurous. We had a Zone Meeting on Tuesday and Elder Fernandes went to another city to do a divisão with the elders there. So I was made Senior for two days - it was a really good experience. Phew! Kind of stressful but the key, I think, is to pray a lot and not worry. That helps me to control my stress. The best thing about this week was that we found a family of 8 that are really progressing. 5 of the kids were baptized yesterday and the parents will be baptized next week. It really was a blessing directly from heaven - we were really blessed this week to find them. I am very excited to work with them this week and help them to accept the restored gospel. Man, it´s really cool to be a missionary. You get to help people in such a neat way - help them to see how they can change and be happier. And you feel yourself wanting to be better too - you feel this good pressure to have more faith, to repent more earnestly and be more dedicated so that more people can accept the truth and feel the love of God through you. It´s really rewarding.

I brought my gratitude journal with me and last night before bed I read the whole thing. It was really neat to see how I had changed, what things I was grateful for since freshman year until now. From things like noodles with parmesean cheese to the stars, to specific friends and family members - it was really gratifying to sit and think about how incredibly blessed I am. The Lord is in our lives, I know He is. I know that He is there, giving us what we need and helping us every step of the way in our lives. All I did was sit and reflect on the many wonderful and specific blessings that I´ve received and because of that simple exercise, I felt so loved and so grateful and so happy. I recommend it to anyone - take a minute and think about all the blessings that you´ve received whether it be songs you´ve heard or sung, moments of the day that make you happy, people or places you´ve had the pleasure to know - there are innumerable blessings in our lives. I know that the Lord lives.

We´re really looking forward to working hard this week. We´ve got a great work to do and lot´s to improve but I am honestly so grateful to be here serving in Minas Gerais. It´s the bees nees alright. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord´s Church here on the earth. I am so grateful for the knowledge that the Lord calls prophets in our days and for all the knowledge that we have to help us understand God´s love for us.
Have a great week! Keep on keepin´on!
Elder Jacob

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