Monday, April 7, 2014

I Love General Conference! (Week 98)


This week was very busy but very good. We had a Leadership council on Wednesday that went really well. The Spirit was really strong and we learned a lot.  I gave a training about motivating missionaries and I was grateful that the Lord blessed me so much with this training.  I really felt the Spirit and received a lot of help preparing what I would say.  I felt good about it at the end and I was very grateful that the Lord sent His Spirit to help me. 

Things here on the mission are picking up steam! We have some big goals and plans for the month of April! Lots of excitement and lots of work to be done. President is really excited and we have officially more than 200 missionaries on our mission now! He is opening areas and expanding and dividing zones and the baptisms are happening.  We are really grateful for the marvelous blessings that the Lord is giving us.  It is an absolute privilege to be here in this part of the Lord´s vineyard serving Him.

We are going to watch the first session of conference in the office and then go to the chapel because we have investigators for the later session.  Everyone here is really really really excited, almost too excited actually haha, for General Conference.  Especially me.  I am very excited to listen to the Prophet speak today.

Oh and I almost forgot! The musical was an absolute success. It was a very stressful journey towards the end (missionaries got there late, etc.) and the van actually broke down when we were going to Sete Lagoas.  But instead of being sad, we all got out and sang some of our songs in front of people at the gas station while the new van got there.  It was really cool.  Anyway, the new chapel was filled to capacity and there were a ton of investigators.  All the songs went really well - I got to sing a song with a Sister who is like a professional opera singer who will graduate from BYU in singing performance, so that was a little overwhelming but it went well and I felt the Spirit.  The best thing was that there were a lot of people who came up to us afterwards who said that because of that musical they wanted to come back to church or to go on missions so I am very very grateful that the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to help other people.

That´s about it for me this time.  I love the Lord and I know the gospel is true.  I am so grateful to be a member of His Church.  I am trying everyday to be worthy of that blessing.  I am happy and excited to work this month!

Love you all!
Elder Jacob

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