Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey All! (Week 97)

Hey all!

So this letter will be a bit shorter because we are heading to Sete Lagoas today for a musical that we are putting on today for the new chapel there.

So it was a great busy week this week! On Monday, we had  a big rehearsal for the musical that went well but went long.  When we got back to the office, we got our weekly reports done and then President showed us the transfer.  It was a very big very good transfer that will animate a lot of the mission.  So after that we spent a long time planning and preparing for the logistics for the transfer and everything.  

Then Tuesday, we went to the Airport and got the new group of missionaries - 18 of them!  They are an amazing group, very humble and very excited to be here on the mission!  It was a great pleasure to get to know them, give them some tips and instructions and hear their testimonies at President´s house during lunch.  I always like receiving new missionaries - they have such a vibrant and excited faith! It was awesome.  Late Tuesday night, we called all the missionaries that were transfered and told them to be at the bus station in BH the next morning.

The next morning everyone was there together at the bus station for the transfer.  We did it differently this time.  Once everyone was together, I stood up and read the whole map of the mission to everyone and it helped a lot to be more organized and eficient.  There was a lot of running around, solving problems and sending people where they needed to go, but it was really fun and I enjoyed it.  After everyone was sent on their way, we ran back to the office to get the 7 missionaries who went home to take them to lunch with President. After lunch and a really touching testimony meeting, we took them in a van to the airport.  It was close call because the flight was leaving but it all went well in the end.  One of the missionaries who went home was Elder G. Almeida, a really good friend of mine who was my companion in Florença for a time. He is a great friend and I am really glad to have known him.  

The next day, we went to Sete Lagoas to help with a Casa Aberta that they are doing there.  It was really cool and the new chapel is absolutely beautiful.  

Yesterday, we went to Pirapora with President and divided with the missionaries.  It was a great time especially because we got to listen to the cd´s from the seminar for the new mission presidents during the long road trip which was really insightful and great to learn.  I love President Fortunato, he really is an inspired man and called of God to lead this misison.  I know it.

Well that is all for me! I am happy, excited and so grateful to know that my Redeemer lives!

Have a great week!

Elder Jacob

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