Monday, March 10, 2014

New Chapel in Sevilha (Week 94)

Hey all!

Well, this week was crazy and busy but a great one as well.  We started things off with a great meeting with President about our goals for this month and what we want to accomplish.  We talked alot about working with the members because we know that is what the Prophet has asked us to do and it really is the greatest source of new and ready investigators.  We had a great leadership council on Wednesday but the better story is that Elder Sonnefeld and I stayed up until 2 in the morning getting everything ready - we had a lot of logistics to cover for the mission tour that is coming up! But it was great and the meeting went well.  We are really excited for March!

On Thursday night, we went to Sevilha were they are going to dedicate the new chapel there this weekend.  We helped with the Open House that they did and it was really great to see Elder Stadler again and see how the zone Pampulha is doing.  I love that Zone and I felt like I was coming home when I got to go back!  Something cool happened - we started calling everyone to come and enter in the church to see what is like but for the first part literally no one accepted.  We were getting a bit discouraged and didn´t know what was wrong.  We decided to stop and to say a prayer.  We asked humbly that the Lord would bless us with success.  Right after the prayer, the people started accepting our invitation and we brought about 20 people to the church to see the new chapel and learn about the gospel.  It was a testimony to me that the Lord respects our prayers when we offer them in faith.

We are working hard in our area here and expecting blessings and miracles here.  We found a great man who accepted to come back to church so we are going to see him on Sunday and we have Jose Flavio who is progressing well for baptism!  We are excited and very grateful for the many blessings we are receiving from the Lord!

Love to all!

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