Monday, March 24, 2014

A Week of Ups and Downs! (Week 96)

Querido Familia Jacob,

Well! What a week it was of ups and downs! But at the end of the day, it was a good one.

Big news first - the mission tour got postponed until the end of April.  Elder Gavarret´s Secretary called Pres. Fortunato on Tuesday and told him that they were going to have to postpone the mission tour.  She didn´t explain why and to this day, I don´t know why he couldn´t come.  We were all really really bummed.  But we fought hard and kept working! We called all the missionaries, made all the necessary readjustments and are looking forward to the end of April when we will have the privilege to be with Elder Gavarret here in Belo Horizonte.  

The other bad thing that happened this week was that Elder Sonnefeld got sinusitis.  Actually everyone in the office has been sick this week ( I am currently fighting a cough and headcold) but that won´t get us down! We are going to keep going!

Today, Elder Juergens, the new Financial Secretary, and I went all the way to Justinopolis and then all the way to Bom Destino in another city to help with a move.  President closed one of the areas and we went to get the keys and make sure that everything was moved and closed up all right.  (That is why I am a little late in writing today.)  It was a lot of fun actually because the whole time I was calling people, people were calling me and we were sorting out a bunch of stuff.  It was fun and exciting.  

We are really excited for tonight! We will have an Integration Night which is a big ward activity where everyone gets together and shares a gospel message, does a small game and eats food.  It is going to be great and we have some investigators who are confirmed to go!

And this next week will be wonderful because it is transfers! It is the last transfer before I get home.  Weird.  I am not really wanting to think about that. But I am super excited to receive new missionaries and give them trainings.  That is one of the things that I love most about being an assistant.  We are getting 22 new missionaries! That is a lot! It is going to be great.

Well that is about it for me.  Just to close my letter, I´ll end with a thought or two.  These days, I have been pondering a lot on Jesus Christ.  I have felt my thoughts return to Him more than usual these days which is wonderful because I always feel peace and motivation when I think about Him.  Since Elder Sonnefeld has been sick, we went to bed early a couple times and I took that time to sit in my bed and ponder a lot about Christ and His work in this world.  I honestly learned a lot and felt a lot in those few moments of quiet thinking.  I know that anyone can receive a testimony of the Savior through sincere seeking.  Because I have received and continue to receive this testimony in the moments that I sincerely seek Him.  That is my hopeful promise to you - if you seek, you shall find.  Actually, it isn´t my promise - it is His.  But I know that is true. 

I love you all. Have a wonderful wonderful week!

Elder Jacob

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