Monday, April 21, 2014

Howdy Do! (Week 100)

Hey all!

It was a great week. 

We did two division in Sete Lagoas.  It was absolutely awesome! We had some really awesome experiences.  We found a bunch of new investigators and had a really cool experience.  We were walking down the street and a man stopped us and started talking about baptisms for the dead and the three nephites.  Which usually means that he has heard a bunch of wrong stuff and wants to debate with us.  Instead of getting uptight, (as I am sometimes prone to do) we calmly responded to his questions and explained everything in a spiritual manner.  After this, he told us that he was a less active and wanted to come back to church.  We invited him and he promised to go to church this Sunday. It was a blessing and I was very grateful for the Lord´s goodness in helping us give a good division.

The best part of this week was a meeting that we had with all the new missionaries from the last few months and their trainers.  We practiced a ton with them and it was really inspiring. And President had everyone sing happy birthday to me since it was my birthday which was really embarassing but oh well.

Welbert´s baptism was awesome and we are really excited.  We have plans to baptize again this week a lady called Maria and next week we will baptize her husband and son next week.

That is it for me this week! I love you all and hope that you are all close to the Lord!

Elder Jacob

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