Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekly Pâo de Queijo (Week 74)

Heyah all!

Well it was a good long week this week.  No baptisms in our ward this week.  But we are working hard and are going to baptize this next week for sure.  It was great that Zelandia was confirmed yesterday.  She is doing well and we are going to help her kids also be part of the Lord´s Church this next Sunday too.

I am enjoying being companions with Elder Wensel.  He is definitely American (it is interesting the culture difference between Brazilians and Americans. I like them both!)  but he is helping me a lot and I am grateful for him.  He is really teaching the value of patience and being calm under pressure.  Also, I am learning to really dive into the scriptures and teach by the Spirit.  It is a blessing to be his companion.

We had a three hour meeting with the Stake Leadership on Saturday.  It was actually super awesome.  The leaders were all really animated and it was cool to discuss what was going on in our Stake and how we can help it improve.  We discovered that a lot of the bishops don´t know what the goals of the missionaries are for baptisms in the month so we are going to help the missionaries work more closely with the member and the leadership so that we can all work together instead of separately.  

Speaking of working together, we had a sweet meeting yesterday with the ward missionaries.  They are all youth from 13-18 but they are excited and are going to help a lot.  We have goals for how many referrals they will give to us and they are going to help visit our recent converts and some less actives too.  I have never been in a ward that has worked so much with missionary work.  It is awesome.

And do you want to hear some awesome news?  Ramo Riacho, where I started my mission, became Ala Riacho or in English it became a ward last week!  I was really excited and happy.  I am very pleased that the little work Elder Sloan and I were able to do helped that part of the vineyard grow.  

I am doing well.  I am grateful for the challenge of everyday to give my all and improve my character and teaching.  It isn´t easy to keep going but it wasn´t supposed to be and that´s why it is good.  To endure to the end, you gotta be patient, happy and have the courage to keep going.  I am sincerely so very grateful to be here on the mission! 

Have you talked to someone today about the gospel?  If not, then wake up and do something more than dream of your mansion above! :)
love you all!
Elder Jacob

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