Monday, October 28, 2013

My Week (Week 75)

Hey all!

Yet another week passed by.  And I am very grateful to be here on the Mission.  People always say a lot about missions but you really don´t know how they are until you go on one.  They are great, they are hard and really they are unique in what they can do for your life.  

Zelandia received a calling yesterday - she was made the Librarian of the ward.  We are having more people come to sacrament meeting and we are working really closely to the ward council which always gives us great animo.  

We will have a great zone conference tomorrow with Pres. Fortunato and the Assistants.  I am really excited.  We are in need of a good zone conference to get us pepped up again. 

I know that the Lord Lives and that He called prophets.  I know that He called me as a missionary - I know that He knows my weaknesses but He is helping me overcome them.  I know that in the end, the Gospel will triumph over all.  

Have a wonderful week! I love you all!

Elder Jacob

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