Monday, September 30, 2013

Excited for General Conference! (Week 71)

Hey all,

This week was a week of blessings and faith.  Yesterday we were blessed with the baptism of Noiva and Kelly, a mother and daughter.  We had a wonderful time teaching them this week and helping them join the Church.  They are really wonderful and it was so great to enter the water again.  There is a special spirit that I can´t describe when you enter the water to baptize someone.  You know in that moment that it isn´t you that is important, it is the Lord.  It is His work and His joy that He let you feel for an instant.  We had a very spiritual baptismal meeting and it was great to see them.

We have two people with a date for this Sunday too.  I am feeling alive again and am excited for this great month of October because I know that it will be a great month. 

General Conference is here! Oh yeah! Gonna be powerful.  We are only going to the sessions on Sunday but it will be great.  Hope you all are excited!

I know that the Church is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was chosen of God to restore the Truth to the Earth.  I know it and I am so grateful for this knowledge.

Have a great week! 

Elder Jacob

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