Monday, May 13, 2013

You just call on me brotha, when you need a hand! We all need somebody to lean on! (Week 51)

Hey amily! The key that makes the letter between e and g doesn´t work on this keyboard so sorry about that.

This letter will be quicker and shorter since I eel like I just talked to all you guys - oh wait! I did! I will just say that it was wonderul to hear rom all of you and to hear your voices. Man, that was wonderul. I am so grateul for the amily that I have!

Donizete was baptized yesterday! He is such a humble man - he´s smoked since he was 7 years old but the Lord really blessed him and he had enough faith that he completely stopped! It has been more than a week than he has smoked! He is so humble - he doesn´t know how to read very well, but he has a great desire to read and understand the gospel so we wrote a ew scriptures or him to read in bigger letters and he has been studying them diligently. He is someone that I will never forget.. I am excited to work with him this week.

No news about transers or anything. You´ll just have to wait until next week!

I will dispense with the personal replies today because I want to reply to Aunt Colette´s and Seth´s email but please know that I love each and every one of you individually and I think and pray or you always. Sam - I Know you will dominate the APUSH test keep the aith and keep happy. Annie - you are so wonderul and I hope that you know that I love you so very much. Be happy! Ellie - keep smiling and being great! I love you and hope soccer is wonderul this week! Mom - I hope that you had a very happy mother´s day and I am so grateul or the wonderul wonderul mom that you are. Dad - I love you and hope that you are happy this week as you continue to work and support our amily and ward. I love you all so very much! Keep the aith because I know that God lives and He loves us all!

Yours always,
Elder Jacob

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