Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well hiyah! (Week 52) ONE YEAR MARK!!!

Hey all you that I love! Okay, I am getting cheesier every week....

I do love you all though, so that is a fact. I am a defender of the truth so gotta be honest right?
This was a great week - I feel like every week I learn more and more about my Savior. I really feel His love everyday and I am so grateful for the gospel of Christ because it really does bring true happiness.

Donizete was confirmed yesterday and is really happy and excited. We have a mother and daughter that will be baptized this next week - the little girl already wants to be a Sister missionary! She´s only eight but reminds me a lot of the girls when they were younger. It is really awesome to help people accept the gospel.

Elder SipiĆ£o continues to be a great companion and we are learning a lot about diligence and patience together.

We had branch conference yesterday and it was neat to sustain all the leaders of the Church. I heard that Sister Monson died. That is sad. I know that President Monson is strong though and he will continue to lead the true Church alright.

Let´s see what else - not really a ton to say today. I am happy and doing very well! I really love being a missionary and have a ton to improve but I am so grateul to be here! I know that God lives and that He called prophets on the earth. I love reading Our Heritage because when I read the stories of the early members of the church who gave everything to follow the Prophet, I feel the Spirit very strongly. I want to be like them - firm and faithful in all difficulties.

I love you all!
Elder Jacob

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