Monday, March 18, 2013

Well Hi! (Week 43)

Hey All!

So they changed the rules about the email. I am trying to stay on top of all my thoughts today because I have to do this survey for the Church about Preach My Gospel, send President a letter, report key indicators and write you guys, all within one hour (that is the new rule about the email - we only have an hour.) Sorry if I am a little scattered today - I am trying to do three things at once!

It was a good week. We had a divisão with the Zone Leaders which really helped animate and give the work here a new twist. I really am grateful for Elder Jones - he is from Philly and a really spiritual guy. He helped us a lot and we were blessed with the baptism of Paulo and Rosana yesterday. They are a very humble and special couple that heard about the Church in Sao Paulo and have a desire to have the blessings of God in their life. I am really grateful for the help of the members here in Tres Coracoes - the branch is really great and has a lot of really strong and dedicated members. It makes all the difference.

This week, our goal is to work the Area Book and find a family that is ready for the gospel. I am really happy and excited to work this week. This really is the work of the Lord and I am just grateful to be part of the great final cause of Christ as Elder Holland called it. I know that the Savior Lives and that is probably the most important thing. I love you all!

Elder Jacob

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