Monday, March 4, 2013

It´s Christmas Again! (Week 41)


How´s it going? Weather report first - it is a balmy 62 degrees (which is good news for you reptiles) and sunny. I was thinking about writing my email like a report from NPR today so I´ll do that. Here goes:

Dun dun dun, dun...dun....dun. Hi. For the LDS Church in Tres Coracoes, I´m Lakshmi Singh and I´m Robert Seagull. You´re listening to The Gospel, from NPR News.

Alright, I had my fun. It was a bit of tough week this week. We worked hard but the two investigators that we had progressing decided to listen to the natural man and stay where they are spiritually speaking. We were feeling a bit down, but the Lord blessed us with several investigators at church and right now we have one young man named Marcelo who accepted to be baptized this Sunday! We taught him about the Plan of Salvation yesterday and while Elder Sipião was explaining something, I had the thought come into my head to ask him `Now that you know God´s plan for you, what do you want to do?´ I asked him the question and he said, `Well, I want to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.` It was a tender mercy and I am so grateful for the times when the Spirit takes over and teaches. It really is a neat thing.

Elder Sipião is a great companion. He enjoys American music and sometimes to relieve stress, he sings Katy Perry or Adele. I think I like Teenage Dream better when sung with a Brazilian accent, haha. He´s a great friend and I am very glad to be with him.

I got the package with the exercise book and man, I can´t tell you thank you enough. That book is perfect. I am doing different exercises everyday so it is not boring and I´m already sore and feeling better. Thank you so much! And those pictures were just wonderful. Also I got wonderful letters from both Grandparents! Thank you! Tell Grandma Bowler and Grandma Jacob thank you for the ties! I also got a really great letter from Demarie which was really nice and inspiring to read, tell her a big thank you for me. And Maddie Hall and Caleb Jenson sent me a large pacakge of Christmas goodies and a BYU pillowcase! Wow! They are wonderful friends! Elder Sipião and I enjoyed munching some Krisp Kringles during our planning session last night. Thank you for all the support.

Tell Zach to keep on keepin´on and stop being a Karma Chameleon for me will ya?

I am doing well but I have a lot to improve this week. I am really learning about the difference between being 100% obedient and being stressed - believe me, there is a difference! With the help of the Lord and Elder Sipião, we will have a really great week this week.

We sang Now Let Us Rejoice yesterday in Sacrament meeting (of course it was in Portuguese so I should say we sang Alegres Cantemos) and while singing, I was getting really choked up. There hadn´t been a lot of visible success this week and I was feeling down about how I was doing when we started to sing and I remembered how W.W. Phelps, when he wrote this hymn, wrote it just after Haun´s Mill and what a hard trying time that was for the Church. I was reminded to always have faith in the resurrection and the Second Coming of the Savior. What a blessing we have as members of the Church to sing and praise our God every sunday and then partake of the sacrament to renew our convenants with the Lord. I know the Lord lives and this is His Church. I know it with all my soul. Many people may talk about the blessings that come from serving a mission but I know that the great blessing is to serve a mission - even when it is hard. I am very grateful to be here serving.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Jacob

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