Monday, December 10, 2012

What Sweeter Music can We Bring‏ (Week 29)

Hey all,

It was a great week of hard work. We were blessed with two baptisms yesterday of Aline and Elizabeth and Gilsom was confirmed yesterday. He is really doing well. I dont know if I told the story about how we found him but we were in another neighborhood and had an appointment kind of far away. We didn't know if we should go there or not because we werent sure if the appointment would go through. We prayed and asked to know where we should go. We didn't feel anything overwhelmed, but instead decided to go ahead with our plan and go to the other neighborhood. The appointment fell through but we dedicded to knock on the aparment next to it and we found Gilsom. This was a great story about how many times we are guided by the Spirit without knowing - that's why I think it is so important to be constantly worthy and trying to do what is right. Like Elder Bednar says - if we are trying to be good boys and good girls, the Lord will bless our lives and we will be guided.

Brazil is great and the branch is really great. The baptismal service yesterday was really wonderful and the members helped a lot. I really have been grateful this week for Preach My Gospel and I know that it is an inspired book.

Quote of the week - we were teaching a man named Robson about keeping the Sabbath day holy and we asked him what was a material blessing he wanted. He said his own house. Then we asked him what was a spiritual blessing he wanted. He paused for a minute and then said a wife. It was really profound and I want to remember that. I learn a lot from our investigators.

I am doing well here and am excited for another week here in Riacho. I hope all is well with everyone receiving mission calls. Seriously, I am so proud of all those that are choosing to serve. I wish I could congratulate you all individually but know that I am very proud and happy that you are accepting the call of the Lord. ;)

Have a superb week!
Elder Jacob

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