Monday, December 3, 2012

There's somethin' 'bout Christmas that brings out the kid in me‏ (Week 28)

Hey all!

I hope you are all listening to the Donny Osmond Christmas at Home CD by now, seeing as it is Dec. 3.

We are doing well here in Riacho. Aline and Elizabete weren´t baptized yesterday but went to a really great (and packed!) Stake Conference and were really touched. They accepted to be baptized next Sunday so we are excited to work with them this week and get everything squared away. Gilsom will be confirmed next Sunday and bought a white shirt and tie to wear to the Stake Conference yesterday.

I have been studying about the doctrine of baptism lately. I think that our greatest protection in this world that is always changing are the covenants to constantly stay faithful to the Lord. Even when I have days that are hard to get out of bed and get going again, it is a blessing to know that I have promised to give the Lord my heart and I can just keep on going with His help.

Brazil is great and the people are really wonderful. The branch has some really solid people and they are helping with visiting our investigators which is great.

We are also focusing on finding more people to teach and improving our contacts. My Portuguese is progressing but I´ve got a lot to learn still. But really, I am happy because here on my mission I am feeling like I can do things better, I can improve who I am and change for the better. It is hard to to describe, but I feel hopeful that I can become a better person, more firm in my faith and strong in the Gospel, smarter and kinder and all that. That´s the beauty and light of the gospel - that people can change. Isn´t that cool? I am so grateful for this gospel.

I love you all and hope you are have a great week!
Elder Jacob


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