Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey All! (Week 87)

Hey Family!

It was a great week this week! Very busy as usual.  We had zone conferences every day this week except Monday.  Zone conferences are wonderful and I really loved them when I was in the field.  Presidente  Fortunato likes to do conferences with each zone every three or four months and it is that time of year again.  We did conferences in the three Zones in Belo Horizonte – BH, BH oeste and BH Leste and then we drove to Divinópolis, a city about two hours away and had a conference there as well.  All the conferences were very inspiring and it was really great to be with President and Sister Fortunato and learn from them more than I had before.

Elder Lima is a wonderful companion.  He is very smart and likes to teach me about the culture of Brasil and I am learning a lot.  He is a convert to the church.  His grandpa was a member and invited him to church but he didn´t like it when he went.  Then one day, he was in his room and saw that there were four copies of the Book of Mormon in his room which he thought was strange.  He decided to start reading.  He read the Book of Mormon, Gospel Principles and Our Heritage.  He then, of his own accord, decided to go to church.  This time, when he went, he loved church and felt the Spirit very strongly.  The missionaries started teaching him and he accepted to be baptized.  He went to church all by himself for 8 months until his parents were also baptized.  He gave up the family tradition of going to the mall every Sunday to keep the commandments – just because he knew that it was the right thing to do.  His whole family is strong in the gospel and he is an amazing missionary.  I am grateful to be serving alongside him.  He is a very inspiring person and a great friend. 

Other than that, I am doing very well! Happy, working hard and staying focused on the gospel.  Because that is what matters.  I love you all and hope that you are all keeping the commandments.  I know that those that keep the commandments will be happy and blessed all the days of their lives.
Have a great day!
Elder Jacob

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