Monday, January 6, 2014

A Wonderful Week of Work‏ (Week 85)

Hey all!

Well it was a great great week! We worked very hard this week but I was really excited and animated. 

Being in the office is pretty different because the work becomes a whole lot more mental than physical.  But I am enjoying it a lot!

This week 14 missionaries arrived on the mission.  We were only expecting 13 but magically a 14th missionary straight from the MTC in Provo showed up.  So President Fortunato had to change a bit of the transfer but we got it all sorted out.  We went to the airport and got the 10 that came from Sâo Paulo, brought them to the office, then went back and got the 4 that came direct from the U.S. and brought them to the office.  Then we ate dinner at the house of President and Sister Fortunato, had a testimony meeting and went back to the office and gave them new misisonaries a training about some rules procedures and all that stuff about the mission.  After the training, we called all the duplas in the mission about TRANSFERS! It was really exciting and fun.  It was a very big transfer this week and everyone was really excited. There were a lot of people to call but we got it all taken care of.

The next day (friday) we woke up early and went to head off the chaos at the large bus station in BH where everyone was meeting.  We resolved lots of little problems, told people where they needed to go and sent everyone on their way.  It was very tiring.  Once everyone was sorted out and headed to their new areas, we ate lunch and then took Elder Viera to the airport.  He finished his misison with honor and went home yesterday.  After that, we accompanied the zones about confirmations and baptisms for this week. There is a lot of stuff to do and a lot of accompaniament to do, but I like the work.  I am trying my very very best.

One thing interesting was the fact that Sister Pedersen from Argentina also went home this week.  She and I were in the CTM together and have become good friends.  She served in Florença with me for the last half of my time there.  Her parents came and picked her up.  It just hit me how fast the time passes because I remember vividly the day that we both arrived on the mission and with all the arrivals that we had this week plus the fact that she was going home, made me think and reflect a lot about how the mission passes so quickly and how much I have changed in this time.  I am so grateful for my mission.  It is a great blessing and I am very excited to see how I can imrpove and grow in the 5 months that I have left. I am excited!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Jacob

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