Monday, February 18, 2013

This tent? This guy? This paramecium? (Week 39)

Elder Jacob and Elder Sipiao at a baptism.

A beautiful view . . . it's idyllic!

They have R.O.U.S.´s here in Três Coraçoes. Brazilians call them capivara. 
I don´t think they exist.

My desk 

Hello my family!

It´s another b-e-a-utiful day here in Três Corações. You may think it weird that I always talk about the weather, but really, it is just great here. After sending email, Elder Sipião and I are going to get some açai and write some letters in the town square.

It was a good week and I´ve learned a lot. We´re working hard to have a good turnout for the fireside on missionary work this Sunday. The youth are going to sing songs they learned at youth conference and Pres. Monteiro, counselor to Pres. Fortunato, is going to speak. It will be a really good night; I am excited.
Just so you know, SpongeBob is very popular here in Brazil. His name is Bobesponge here. Elder Sipião and I relieved some stress yesterday recounting some of the great adventures of that porous fry cook. Patrick´s name is Patrique haha.

As far as investigators go, we are being extremely blessed with great help of the members here in the branch. We had 10 pesquisadores in sacrament meeting yesterday! Alright! The Lord is really helping us. I am learning everyday out here that this really is the Lord´s work and you can´t forget to trust in Him. At times, I may think I know what to do or that I can do this by my self, but the gospel truth of the matter is that I have to trust in the Lord. If I am obedient and doing my best, I know the Lord will bless me.

One of the greatest blessings of the mission is studying the scriptures every morning. The only way I can describe it is a spiritual feast. There is such a special spirit in the scriptures; I am convinced that one of the most powerful ways to deepen our testimony is diligent, sincere study of the scriptures. It´s not just about understanding or gaining knowledge but feeling the truth of the gospel through the scriptures. Sometimes I couldn´t exactly tell you the new thing that I learned but I always feel the Spirit testify of the gospel through the scriptures. I am blessed with a companion who likes to discuss the gospel so we have had a good time discussing many topics together.

To anyone contemplating a mission, I just want to put my plug out there that what I have learned about myself, how to work with others and about the Lord and His purposes while here is something priceless. I am learning and will continue to learn how to be a true disciple of Christ and I can´t tell you how grateful I am for the Lord calling me to be a missionary. So if you are contemplating a mission, think about what you want in life and how serving a mission will bless your goals and then go to the Lord. I can only speak for myself, but I am very grateful to be serving a mission.

And with that, I´ll sign off for the day! Keep smiling and living the life! Ba dee ah, never was a cloudy day!

Elder Jacob

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