Monday, November 12, 2012

The Weekly Pao de Queijo‏ (Week 25)

Hey all,

I am doing very well out here. Dilson is progressing. Despite his Parkinsons, he came to church at 9:30 in stead of 10:30 yesterday and has great faith. We gave him a blessing of health - here is a funny Portuguese story for you - and as I was putting the oil on his head I mixed up the words for drop and little girl (gota and garota) and I told him that I was going to put a little girl on his head. Yup, I am still working on the Portuguese.  Oh, another funny story - we were teaching a lady this week and I told her that I was going to leave a part of the Book of Mormon with her to read. She asked if I was going to rip out the pages of the book and I, not understanding, confidently and happily said, ´´Sim.`` Elder Sloan came to the rescue and understanding was established.

As far as time on P-day goes with the computers/letter writing, the time is restricted - we only have about 45 minutes on the computer and today we had to email abunch of information to the escritorio about contacts so I wont send pictures today but hopefully next week. I am sorry that I haven't been able to send letters very frequently - going to the post office is hard. I will try and send more letters next week. Pd-ay is really fast so we don't have a ton of time. I really am sorry.

While you guys were running Ragnar, I have a story about running this week for you. We taught a man named Claudio in a neighborhood half an hour from our house. We finished the lesson at 9:10 or so and needed to get to our place by 9:30. So we started running. It was a really really cool memory - running in the rain up a hill with my backpack bouncing on my back past some old warehouses in the nighttime in Contagem Brazil. As I was running, I thought to myself how cool and blessed I am to be where I am. I really wouldn't rather be anywhere else right now except running in the rain in Brazil. It was a cool memory and I am grateful to be here.

Dad that was such a cool story about your investigator. Wow, that is really so neat. Thank you for sharing that because that gives me more motivation to see the people we teach as they can be and not as they are now. Selma and Giselle are doing very well and loving the gospel. It really is a blessing to see these people grow and help them understand the beauty of the gospel.

I love you all and I am doing well! I know that the Church is true and that we are blessed beyond measure to be members of the Church.
Elder Jacob

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