Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Mornin‏' (Week 17)

Hey all!

Thank you for a great email -I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that you are doing well and working hard. I sure love you and miss you a lot.

The subject line of this email comes from Elder Sloan - a tender mercy of the Lord is that he enjoys singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" when we leave the house in the morning.  Always brightens my day - nothing quite like music to lift your spirits!

We are working hard and were blessed with a baptism yesterday of Edna Lenoir de Maura. She had frequented the Church for months but got legally married last week and was baptized yesterday. I really do love seeing the effect the gospel has on peoples lives.
A cool story of the week - we taught a man named Simon. He is a devout 7th day adventist but really wants to learn about what we believe. He just couldn't get past the idea that we worship on Sunday. We talked for ever and Elder Sloan did a masterful job of quoting scriptures from the Bible to help him understand how God really can change the day of the week if He wants. The whole question of 7th day worship rests on the fact of Joseph Smith being a prophet - if he was a prophet, then the Lord revealed to him that Sunday worship is acceptable. We explained this to him and he asked a golden question - How can I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet? We happily explained more about the Book of Mormon, but he was still hesitant to read with this doubt about the Sabbath day in his mind. We were about ready to leave when I thought I would read to him the part in Mosiah when Abinadi teaches the 10 commandments. When he heard that the Book of Mormon teaches that we should honor the sabbath day, he said - I want to read the Book of Mormon. We will see how it turns out but I am so grateful for the amazing Book of Mormon and how it really can bring understanding to any honest seeker of truth. I am very grateful for Elder Sloan and all that we learned from the lesson.

We are still working with Antonio - the goal is baptism this Sunday. I am so grateful for this amazing gospel and this choice time I have to study and learn and grow. I have enjoyed reading the Conference talks again in preparation for General Conference. The discourse from Pres. Eyring titled Moutains to Climb is really wonderful.

I got some really great letters from Grandma and Grandpa Jacob, Uncle George LeSueur and The Brown family this week. Tell them thank you so much!

I love you all and I am very grateful to be out here serving the Lord. I am very grateful for your support and prayers. I love you!
Elder Jacob

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