Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 2 in Brazil

Email #2  6 June 2012 "Oh What Did He Say?"

Hello All!

It's me! Elder Jacob! From good ol' Sao Paulo Brazil! How ya'll doing! I'm doing really well, life is good. I made a list of stuff so I hopefully will answer all questions and hit all the points I need.

Unfortunately I can't send pictures via email yet - the computers they have here are pretty old and I only get a half hour. By the way, my PDay is wednesday and that's when I'll email you.

Did you get my last email? I hope you did. And my letter with instructions about mailing? Apparently you can't send packages to the CTM. I'll find out more info about sending packages in general to Brazil. Right now, I'm doing fine and my stores and stocks are holding well. I haven't even opened my second box of Gobstoppers!

I didn't wash my suit. :) I'm getting it dry-cleaned today so no worries there.

Sorry about the mix up in email. On the first day I was so tired I put your email as Sorry for the panic!

Things are going just divine here at the CTM - pun intended. Seriously though, I'm really beginning to love it. The language will come, I have faith! My district is super cool and my companion is an awesome guy. He's not like me but in a way that is good and constructive - he pushes me and helps me stay focused. It's been going well.

Annie, you asked about the food. The desserts here are pretty darn bad. I've had like three good ones - but I think I'm losing a little weight so that's always good right? Breakfast in Brazil is bread, cheese and ham. Literally, that's it. Haha, so I've been eating a lot of good bread. The weirdest thing I've eaten is probably that pig intestine sausage I had last PDay. Other than that the food is pretty good to be honest. Meat with every meal and really cold water. Can't complain! :)

It's been raining pretty much nonstop for the past 2 or three days. And it's pretty hot at night, but I haven't been dying. Course it is winter here, so that probably adds to it.

I'm really getting into the mission attitude! I'm so grateful, humbled and excited to be serving the Lord! This morning, we went to the Sao Paulo Temple and I got to do a session. It was one of the most powerful temple sessions I've been too. For some reason, I felt the Spirit so strongly and learned so much. I felt so peaceful and good! And in the Celestial room, I felt so close to the Savior and to Heavenly Father, it was remarkable. So stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring. I know that this church is true and that God loves us. He is always close by and I know that we can talk to Him anytime and he will help us. He's helped me so much!

Sam, thanks for sharing Section 121. A great section with powerful doctrines. It really helped me a few days ago. Thank you. I've been really loving section 138 lately and I feel like verse 30 - I think it's verse 30 - applies to me right now. It's beautiful. I get to study the scriptures so much everyday! I really am loving it! The gospel really is beautiful.

Sorry to keep telling you guys to read stuff, but I read Pres. Packer's talk from last gen. conf. called "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" and it really hit my heart. If you get a minute this week, give it a read through.

I gotta tell you about last night. On Tuesday nights we have devotional. Last night, we watched a talk from Pres. Holland that he gave at the MTC I think recently becasue in his intro he mentioned he had just gotten back from Brazil. Anyway, in typical wonderful Pres. Holland fashion, it was fiery, inspiring and motivating. He spoke so powerfully and so wonderfully about missionary work and he powerfully testified that every single good thing, every single good thing in his life came as a result of his efforts on a mission. He spoke powerfully about the fact that missionaries don't have the right to short change themselves in the eyes of others and to be anytyhing less but the very best. He said plainly that the Church askes a lot of Missionaries especially now with Preach my Gospel and it's flexibility and dependence on the missionaries inspiration. But he said we can do it. He said I can do it. He said going to the CTM was like going to medical school everyday - you've got so much to learn and so little time to do it - but he said, the difference between the CTM and medical school is you can be an expert on the first day, if you strive for the Spirit and teach from your heart. He said we're at war, but we carry bandages, gauze and medical supplies instead of guns or tanks into battle. And then he poignantly shared the story in the last chapter of John where the Savior askes Peter "Lovest thou me?" He challenged all of us to ask that question of ourselves and then to follow the Savior's directive to "Feed my sheep." I loved that talk and I love Pres. Holland. I wish you all could have heard it. I know that serving a mission is right for me.

I know that the gospel blesses lives and I hope to bless lives here in Brazil. I know that you all can bless lives wherever you are right now too. The beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that it is really is for everyone. I'm so honored to be a servant and a representative of Jesus Christ.

Tell anyone who cares that I'm doing well! And I love letters!

I love you all so very much. The gospel is true. I love it and it is for everyone. Mosiah 4:9-10 has been on my mind lately. I know that it is true.

Thank you all so very much for being the very best family! I love you and I'm so grateful to be your brother and son!

Be good and be happy this week!

And don't forget - I love you!


Elder Jacob

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