Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do you remember the twenty-first night of September? (Week 4)

Hey all! I'm doing well! And I love you!
About the mail...I don't know what the best thing is to do. I sent you guys a letter last week. From talking with other missionaries it sounds like it takes about a week to send stuff from the U.S. here and around two weeks to send it back. Missionties is good - I haven't received any Missionties since I last wrote so if you've written I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back. Email is obviously the fastest but I can only check it on Wednesday. I'm fine with anything. I sent you a letter last week with pictures so I hope that gets to you. I like Missionties, but email works great too. Whatever works best. Just know that I'm always excited to get a letter. The nice thing about Missionties is that I can get the letter beforehand and prepare better to answer your email.
I got two great letters from Grandma Bowler this week, a great letter from Grandma and Grandpa Jacob and a really sweet and touching collection of letters from the Boulton family. They were really sweet and made me feel really good. Ted's letter was awesome and full of great advice and questions about Brazil so I'm excited to write him a note today. If you talk to them tell them thank you so very much for those wonderful letters - they were awesome!
And I'm sorry you haven't gotten mine yet. I've sent a bunch to you guys and other people so hopefully they get there soon!
They gave us white handkerchiefs and the dedication is really cool. I really love the temple and it gets better the more you go. I want to go through the session next week in Portuguese I think.
This was an awesome week for learning and feeling the Spirit. Man, I love the scriptures. We had the Area President of Brazil come and give us a devotional one night. President Claudio Costa - he was awesome! I'm really starting to catch the fire and purpose of missionary work and it's really exciting. Also, President and Sister Tanner gave our Sunday night fireside last Sunday - Sister Tanner was the young women's general president right? She was something higher up. Anyway, they are mission presidents in Sao Paulo right now and they gave really great talks.
The Portuguese is coming. Just gotta learn something everyday! Next week, Elder Reese and I want to do a English fast all week. It'll be hard but I'm excited. It'll definitely help. It's a very pretty language. :)
Let's see, other than that I'm just working hard and really getting into the gospel. I'm trying to go through the Book of Mormon again before I leave the CTM. I'm almost done with Mosiah so I'm doing well.
Fun thing of last week - We went to the Sao Paulo Federal Police Station and got fingerprinted and registered. Now I'm legal! That's nice. The cool thing was I started a conversation with the lady who was going over my paperwork and we talked about a cool picture of an angel she had taped to her computer. She was so nice, she gave me a copy of it! You always gotta make a good impression, especially as a missionary. It was very nice of her to give that to me.
I'm happy. The MTC is a wonderful place and I get to read and study the scriptures so much that I'm quite literally in heaven. (I feel like that anyway.) Please tell everyone at home that I love them and I miss them. :) Thank you so much for your letters, prayers and support.
Guys, I want you to know that I'm so grateful for the Lord in my life. Whenever I have a problem or don't feel right, I can go to Him. Remember in the First Vision it says that the Lord spoke to Joseph "calling him by name." I know that the Lord, the Eternal Father in Heaven, knows our name and he knows us. He knows our desires our fears our weakenesses and our goals. Isn't that an amazing thought? I'm so grateful for prayers because literally everytime I talk to my Father in heaven with faith, I am comforted. I know that any of us can talk to our Father in Heaven and He will answer. I'm so grateful for that and I know that he loves us.
I love you all. I miss you all but I'm happy, healthy and loving life. :) Have a wonderful week, be good and be happy! Tell anyone who cares I'm happy and doing well! Hope you get my letters soon.
" dee ah! Never was a cloudy day!"
Elder Jacob

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