Monday, October 22, 2012

There´ll be Joy in the Morning‏ (Week 22)

Hey all,
It was a great week and I am very grateful to be out here serving. Geralda decided to not listen to the spiritual impression that she received about the Book of Mormon and she decided that she´d rather stay where she is. It was frustrating because we were working really hard with her. Selma and her 12 year old daughter are progressing well for baptism and also we are teaching a young man named Jordan who is interested as well. I have been trying to focus on what Pres. Monson spoke about in his talk - seeing people as they can be and not as they are right now. I am in Riacho with Elder Sloan for another transfer and this will be a great opportunity to really get the work rolling seeing as we know the members and the area pretty well by now.
We eat lunch with members everyday and I am really enjoying the food here. I have developed a love for beans and rice and the Brazilians have some really good casseroles and stroganoffs. Anyway, I'm well taken care of here.
Today I studied Mosiah 12-16, Abinadi's sermon about the nature of the Savior as the Father, Son and Redeemer. There is a really good spirit here on the mission - I don't know what it is but when I study the scriptures I learn much more and feel much more than I did before. It is really cool. Might be the fact that I am reading in Portuguese and I have to concentrate more.
I know that this work is true and the Lord lives and loves us all. If we follow His commandments, we will be saved in the last days.
I love you all and you are the greatest people I know. Have a great week!
Elder Jacob

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